The Full Groom

tbc3Bath & Blow Dry

Breed Standard & Pet trimming

Hand Stripping

Ear-plucking & cleaning


Brushing & de-matting


Small dogs: £35 (approx.)

Medium dogs: £45 (approx.)

Large dogs: £55 (approx.)

Grooming fees vary according to the size, coat type and condition of the dog.

Day Care



We also offer a £25 all-day créche service which includes an hour-long walk through Acton Park (pictured).


(Rates are negotiable for differing client needs)




Other ServicesIMG_20141223_140955



Claw Clipping: £10.00
Wash & Blow Dry: £25-35


We offer a FREE PUPPY WASH for pups aged between 4 & 6 months.

This is a perfect way to get them accustomed to being groomed from a young age (dependent on breed).